A close up look into the amazing FASHION WORLD 🌎 of CHER!!

There is a lot of LOVE ❤️ out there… for CHER!!! She was deeply touched… with thunderous applause…. and a standing ovation…( that lasted a really.long.TIME!!!) We’re talking about a legendary STAR!!! A true #DIVA  Like a fine wine….🍷 she JUST get’s BETTER with TIME!!!! Cher made a special appearance on THE TALK CBS… and the entire show…focused on her! The audience got a rare chance to get the latest on her #music career… & explore her ✨sensational✨world of FASHION….
This… is perhaps one of the most FAMOUS outfits worn to the ACADEMY AWARDS in HISTORY!!!

It was daring… unique and distinctly created… just for Cher! The extravagant costume holds special memories for Cher… and it is one of her FAVORITE!  From the moment she saw it… She says she felt it was just BEAUTIFUL!!! Obviously this BOB MACKIE original will forever hold… a special place in Cher’s heart! ❤️

Cher says Bob Mackie has always kept her EXCITED about fashion… because he was consistently making the *MOST BEAUTIFUL* DESIGNS.

Cher and Bob Mackie have worked together for about 50 years!!!  He’s created costumes for all of her concerts, TV shows… and some personal wardrobe items..

Cher recalled how one time… Mackie made some beaded socks for her… and she wore them while working on a project with MICHAEL JACKSON... She says he said “Oooh Cher… I love your socks!” <fast forward> just a “moonwalk away” the world will never forget the king of pop in white socks….with extra shiny rhinestones sewn on them…..and I guess you could say the rest is history!

After all these years… to finally have a chance to be in such an intimate setting with Cher was indeed a privilege! I really enjoyed listening to her stories… 

It sparked more memories of my own.  When I was younger… we used to put sweaters… or jackets around our heads… and imagine we had Cher’s long…silky black hair… We’d hold pretend microphones 🎤 in that distinct way she did… flip our “hair” and sing: 🎵🎶 “BABE! I got you Babe! I got YOU BABE!” 🎶

ALL of her shows on TV were GREAT!!! She always had the best guest stars… and musical acts…

✨The Best Fashions!

✨The FUNNIEST sketch comedy skits! 🤣😂😄

✨ She would look so FANTASTIC singing and dancing!

Years Later… groups of friends would sing Karaoke… or just sing out loud with her rich melodic voice on the 📻 radio: 🎵🎶 “Gyp-sies… 🎶 tramps and thieves!”🎶

Just getting a chance to “turn back time… and listen to Cher talk about key moments in her personal life.. music career… and get details about how special she felt… wearing all those elaborate couture designs Bob Mackie created for her…was really special for me! 

I’ve loved 😍extraordinary work by BOB MACKIE for years! 

Here’s another memory: During college… I couldn’t afford to get any extravagant Bob Mackie designer gowns… or shimmering… sparkling creations…like Cher and other stars wore…but I did manage to buy some of his perfume! Heyyyy!!!!! 🤗

I kept it on the dresser in my dorm room… and would spray some on for special occasions! 😊 

Girls would pop into my room when we were about to go out and party… and say : “Hey, Can I wear some of your Bob Mackie perfume tonight???” 😄  sure… #ThoseWereTheDays!

Oh YES! I’m **THAT GIRL** who truly LOVES ❤️FASHION!  I just couldn’t wait to watch CHER on her popular shows…back in the day!

 I looked forward to seeing her take it to the next level with her couture fashion…and her trend setting hair styles!!! Cher will forever be one of the most FAMOUS SHOW PERFORMERS…OF ALL TIME!!!

Speaking of shows… CHER is doing a residency in Las Vegas… and will be wearing MORE extraordinary costumes! More on that later…

✨The Best Fashions!
✨The FUNNIEST sketch comedy skits! 🤣😂😄

The ladies of The Talk on CBS look so #fabulous wearing costumes worn by Cher! Her most famous looks from over the years… (all designed by the GREAT Bob Mackie) were featured in a SPECIAL TRIBUTE SHOW in her HONOR!!!

Let me tell you…. #Cher looks SO GOOD!!!! and she is super #cool!!! 

Cher called Bob Mackie “a great architect of fashion design…”

She says he knows exactly how to construct things perfectly!
I can imagine… that’s especially important for Cher… when she has to do so many quick costume changes in her shows. 

Bob Mackie appeared with Cher on a segment of THE TALK on CBS… and shared how he met Cher… 

when Cher was coming to the Carol Burnett Show…Mackie thought she was going to be really big and tall..and was quite surprised when he saw her up close. “She was just a little thing..with a nice slender body…”

And Folks….once again–SHE is STILL GORGEOUS!!! 

Cher has had to deal with a lot of rumors during her lengthy career… but she says one of the worse ones… have been all these stories about her dying… 

Please believe… she’s still got pizazz! Spunk! and spirit! And she’s doing great!!!

Cher now has a residency in Las Vegas!!! Yay!!!!

Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Golden Globe Award-winning entertainer Cher is in an ALL NEW show… Classic Cher… at the Park Theater at Monte Carlo 

Upcoming show dates are set for

May 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 13, 17, 19 and 20. Additional dates will be announced….

Tickets range from $60 to $475…at parktheaterlv.com or ticketmaster.com.

Be sure to check out Cher’s first record…in over 11 years…

“Woman’s World”

Cher’s  CD is entitled “Closer to the truth” I GOT MINE!!!!

By the way…. Chers “NEW” Vegas show features 11 costume changes!!! 

Here are MORE of her most FAMOUS costumes… designed by Bob Mackie!!!

👆🏽Cher wore this costume just once… for a concert she did on 🎃 Halloween some years ago… Be-witching… isn’t it????

In addition to CHER… Fashion designer Bob Mackie has also dressed entertainment icons such as Joan Rivers, Cher, RuPaul, Barbara Eden, Bette Midler, Diana Ross, Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, Tina Turner, Carol Burnett and Mitzi Gaynor. He was the costume designer for Carol Burnett on The Carol Burnett Show!!! Yay!!! 🎉

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#Wow! #ThereSheGoesAgain! 👠


#Holiday 🎊 Party Clothes….”Chic” and so so “Unique!!!”

Are you looking for something just a ~little~ different to turn heads when you walk into the NEXT Holiday Party???

 Well… well.. it appears the #LAFashionCorner is on your side! Their “Holiday Fashion Show” at HOT SPOT…Boulevard 3 was well received by a packed house!

This is their way of encouraging you…to find your own…”FUN FAB” Look….. and

✨✨✨FLAUNT IT!!!!✨✨✨

When it’s time to get Festive… You can NEVER have too much color…”spARkLe”   or embellishments! Floral head pieces and 👸🏽 tiara’s can add a little extra “razzle” to your “dazzle!!!” 

The 2016 Holiday #FashionShow featured stunning styles by “Paulina” at PaulinaClothing.com

Cha! Cha! Cha! Snaps up for owning your DIVA STYLE!  Here are more…. “Paulina Fashions”

And now….K. Terzian Couture…

The weather is always right in #Cali 🌴to make a splash💦 on the scene! Let’s check out some HOT Looks from “The Poolside Collection” 

Last… but not least…

So when you’re SHOPPING at #Macys #Nordstroms #Niemans #SaksFifthAvenue #Chicos or #Bebes #Banana Republic, #Top Shop or #MichaelKors ask the salesperson to show you the most DELICIOUS colors of the holiday season….

Yummy colors like: “Mint”green, “Hot Chocolate” Brown, Sugar “Plum” (with a hint of shimmer… to remind you of sugar! ~so sweet-) “Peppermint” Stripes, “Raspberry” “Vanilla” Cream, Purple “Passion fruit,” “Raspberry” and “Cherry” Jublilee

You’ll leave your friends, family and admiring “fashionistas” HUNGRY for more of the fashion “EYE CANDY”… you care to wear!

And just for the “Elf” of it… look… and wear sharp outfits with fur trimmed sleeves and collars, fur hats. Straight-leg trousers and pointy toe shoes! A Fashion forward look straight outta “The South Pole!”

******* “ELF Yeah!!!!!” *******

~ Evette Dabney 

Evette Dabney is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Sparkle-“E” Entertainment and Promotions…
http://www.sparkle-e.com 💎
Evette is an EMMY nominated TV news talent…available for free-lance writing, hosting, theatrical roles and voice-over work. For Bookings/Auditions– Contact via e-mail information included at http://www.sparkle-e.com or ceo.sparkle.e@gmail.com

Hot🔥Highlights from #FashionWeek #LosAngeles 2016 #FWLA

Talk about #SWAG-a-licious!!!! These #Guys have it going on!!! Well tailored suits, sweaters, shirts and coats…

and those TROUSERS! Sharp and straight… hitting right at the ankle to give it  a classy pass… with just enough “cool points” under the hip and trendy column… for a BONUS score for suave sophistication! Check out the latest FALL/WINTER looks for MEN!  #FWLA #FashionWeekLA  2016

Watching every detail FRONT and CENTER! Got my FASHION GAME FACE ON!


Serious about #Style! Watching #fashions for all seasons #FrontAndCenter for #FashionShow this #FashionWeek in #LosAngeles #LA #FWLA Here’s the deal: #Jackets, #purses, #pants, #bags with #Zippers are #HOT!!! 🔥You can keep your #fringed benefits for many more months to come! #Handbags #Skirts #Pants with #fringe designs are only getting more #fabulous & #fun! #FlowerPower will STAY strong through the #Spring & #Summer! #Floral designs are getting #brighter #bolder and even BETTER! #Classic #BlackAndWhite #OutOfSight!!!

Get in there…. WITH SWIMWEAR! Bold Patterns… colors… and cuts!

#Flowers 🌸🌼🌹🌺still have a LOT of 💥 POWER in #FASHION !!! 

#FloralPrints are BOLDER and BETTER than EVER! This trend is in for all seasons… Getting STRONGER in spring/ summer 2017!


Long…. and FLOWING looks make you the STAR of attention whether it with a cropped top… or beaded tank for more FAB-U-LOSITY!!!

They stole the spotlight!!! Best Dressed Stars 🌟🌟🌟 at 2016 Emmys are….

Sarah Paulson – Don’t be jaded… or Green with Envy! This star was “Queen of the Emerald City” #Prada perfect! 

Viola Davis and her husband,Julius Tennon are #Fab in Fuchsia! Hot PINK on and POPPIN’!!! The LACE gives Viola’s dress more elegance and GRACE!

Kristen Bell 

Artsy…yet elegant in this fantasy fairytale gown! The Floral designs… dance in your mind! This chiffon gown shimmers… and sparkles when the light hits! This ROYAL COUTURE looks like a work of art…sprinkled by sugar! Looks like a magical creation by the SUGAR PLUM Fairy…. Ahhh..how “Sweet it is!!!!”

Angela Basset 

A shade of Lemon 🍋Yellow… to awaken your senses!  This “Caped Crusader” makes you want to soar! Angela Basset looks VIBRANT & VIVACIOUS!!! 

*** Yellow💛***  a popular bright color for this evening… It was also worn by Taraji P. Henson, and Minnie Driver

Joanne Froggatt

This Downton Abbey Star is serving you ELEGANCE this evening…First class all the way! Classic Star Quality!

Kerry Washington 

All I can say is… Kerry Washington YOU GLOW GIRL!!! Just **SLAY** it AGAIN!!! The designer of this designer cut out gown “FIXED” Olivia Pope up right!  Alright! Alright!! Alright!!!

Emily Ratajkowski

Absolutely stunning! Nipped and tucked in ALL the right places!

Emilia Clarke

This dress is LIQUID GORGEOUS!!! It’s like somebody took a bit of sophistication…essence of beauty.. and a dash of sass… ~Melted~ it all… and poured it on her body to make this PERFECT skin tone creation!

Tracee Ellis Ross

A delight in WHITE! Greek Goddess sophistication… with a modern twist! Cut out Just right! Classy… with a hint of  SEXY!

Padma Lakshmi

Hi! “Ohhhh Silver!!!” Behind every dark cloud is a SILVER lining… and the dress of your dreams… (Just like this!) Can be found…just before the rainbow!

Sofia Vergara 

Shining  remnants of a “comet” highlight this STAR in a heavenly way!

Priyanka Chopra 

A whirlwind of  of RADIANCE in RED!!!

Here are a few MORE of my FAVORITE LOOKS for #Emmys2016  


Brad Goreski

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita

Keegan-Michael Key and Elisa Pugliese

Rami Malek

Mario Lopez

Ross Matthews 

Tony Goldwyn
Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Seinfeld

Randall Park

Terrence Howard and Mira Pak

Sparkle “E” Fashion News.. 

Taraji P. Henson demonstrates #TrueDivaStyle in Marc Jacobs!

Check out more sophisticated looks from designer Marc Jacobs in #Black

# Contemporary #BusinessDiva…. A new take for a sharp tailored look in #ShortsAndSweet!

Oh say can you see this??? More proof that #Stars ⭐️ will love wearing #STRIPES forever!

This straight laced fashion look… is “diva-licious” with the #dainty high collar… in a frilly #Victorian style… Jacobs adds a touch of #FUN with a #fringed #purse.

A fitted #suit with straight #pants #BOLD in #GOLD!

Another #contemporary take on the return of #Victorian styles…

Presenting: #Fashion #Designer #MarcJacobs   

#Beyonce commands attention with #Showstopping #Fashion #designs on #WorldTour 

Beyonce THRILLS fans with a phenomenal NEW show!  A few lucky concert goers even got a chance to shake it up on stage with Queen “B”.

Beyonce is known to go all out with  unique… and creative scenes in ALL her shows.. An eye catching stunt this go round… includes an acrobat in a hanging box, a sculpture of sorts..that Bey danced on, and a silver throne for the queen herself…

Ohhh yesss!!! The beehive is bzzz-buzz **buzzing** about the most beautiful costumes, perfect medleys, and -YES- even Bey walking on water…  Beyonce kicked off the first night of her 41 stop FORMATION WORLD TOUR...in Miami🌴 The musical Goddess 🎶 stepped to the stage in stunning costumes! 

In fact she mesmerized fans in **Seven** show stopping looks… all designed by Marni  Senofonte The electric show also includes a Prince💜tribute, and a shout out to her “beautiful husband” Jay Z. 

The pop diva has dominated the the entertainment world this week, since releasing her sixth studio album on Saturday night as part of the HBO special **Lemonade.**

 Here she is in formation with her dance squad…wearing a long-sleeve Balmain French lace bodysuit, embroidered with pearls and stones, and matching gray suede boots… Soft and sweet..another nod to #Victorian style fashions… that are making a sweet comeback. Most definitely THE CALM BEFORE THE BEY STORM…💥 Another BOSS LOOK…A wide Brimmed BLACK HAT… ~Desperado style.. ~rocked by the native Texan…  Other songs are reportedly fueled by red lights and hot fireballs shooting into the night sky to punctuate RAGE!!! ♨️The angrier Bey got on stage🌡.. prompted MORE EXCITEMENT from the crowd‼️

At one point, Beyonce donned a sequined bodysuit studded with red flames as she sang about her plans to “smack that trick”…: while a tempestuous lightning storm raged on a screen behind her… woooo!!! -Later- She was slithering about in a RED latex body suit… and matching platform.. over the knee boots.  Please BELIEVE… there are several other standout FASHION statements in this incredible show.

Queen “B” is not only changing the music game with her performance.. and high style..but the #emoji world🌎 too.  

According  to Twitter, there were about 250,000 tweets that included the bee emoji 🐝and 450,000 tweets that included the lemon emoji 🍋last Saturday. That’s a huge increase from earlier the week, where both seemed to hover around the 50,000 tweet mark. The power of Bey and Lemonade is not to be underestimated.

 In addition to her tour..Bey has been incredibly busy with her kingdom–launching her own music label and fashion line in recent months.

Great Discounts in Shopping! 🛍

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✨🌞2016 Summer Fashion Forecast

10 Easy Breezy styles trending for SUMMER 2016!

1. The Crisp White Shirt – Re-Mix!- Long, tailored with a twist. Short stylish sleeves, long sleeves with French cuffs are sophisticated ANYTIME of year.

2. Cute Flat Mules… Easy to Slide your feet IN..and take OUT. Isn’t it comforting knowing that FLAT SHOES are trending in this season of SUN & FUN.

3. That Victorian Flair! Ruffle, high collars, puffy sleeves and loads of floral designs..

   4. Bright Citrus Colors.. Tangerine and Lemon shades will be a refreshing addition to your summer attire..

5. Light weight Denims 

Skirts, Shirts, Dresses and Jackets and shorts. Traditional Blue denims… and colored jeans and jackets.

6. You’ll be PLEASED to know that PLAIDS are still being well received!   

 7. You can also keep your FRINGED benefits going! Everyone is still in LOVE with the free flowing styles with purses, shoes, skirts, vests and light weight jackets.

 8. The half-moon purse is the compact… and trendy accessory to add to your summer MUST HAVE List.. 


 9. Chokers will make a strong statement this summer.. The perfect designs will frame your neck…bringing attention to your lovely face…and MORE -pizazz– to your attire.

 10. … The  summer “HAT”will be ALL THAT!




**** Fashion Shorts***

Eva Longoria is working on a new FASHION CLOTHING LINE for #TheLimited