Wear RED to spark 🔥 ROMANCE ❤️ -and-promote HEALTH awareness ❣️

The color RED signifies strength… passion and Love! We L❤️VE Red Roses, and beautiful RED attire. It puts everyone on alert..🚨 that you have arrived!

Proudly vivid red lipstick💄 seals the deal. Your power look is perfect!

Make a strong statement….

and GO RED! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ There are some other good reasons why this fashion statement is important.

The American Heart Association has chosen the color, RED for power! They encourage women to wear it proudly… and promote their signature women’s initiative.. promoting heart ♥️ health… and information to help women live healthier lifestyles.

Go Red for Women, is a platform designed to increase women’s heart health awareness to improve the lives of women globally.

It’s all about women standing together in Unity! Women taking charge of their own heart health… and the health of those they LOVE!

…. and speaking of L❤️VE… Red has forever been symbolic of romance.

Psychologist and writers focus on the impact of the color red, because this tint appears to have been connected to sexuality for thousands of years.

Even today in parts of Africa… and Asia.. women still display red during wedding rituals.

Extensive studies have also shown… that RED enhances women’s attractiveness to men!

It makes them feel warmth, and desire. It also increases PASSION!

Well now… It seems everybody has got a fair chance of making a strong connection with their hearts desire… just put on this power color… keep a positive spirit… and good energy about you.. and WORK IT !!!

Let’s go people! I’m giving you a head start… with all the right places to shop for HOT 🔥 RED FASHIONS!

First up…

St. John Knits


They’ve got a great variety of fabulous items to enhance your wardrobe.

There are other great selections at http://www.Lulus.com

This vintage dress is from rose wholesale.com

http://www.Zulily.com also has wonderful red dresses…to bring excitement to your life…and spruce up your closet!

Guys…. Here’s something for YOU!


Go there fellas… to get this snazzy RED Blazer!

Nordstrom’s also has some great options for you to consider.,.

Hartford Piqué Polo by Burberry

Fordson Fleece Hoodie by Burberry.

Smartcare Traditional Fit Pinpoint Dress Shirt by Nordstrom

Other great options at CanadaGoose.com

Saks Fifth Avenue

http://www.saksfifthavenue.com and Macy’s.com

By the way… I have some personal reasons why “I” love wearing RED. I believe you are demonstrating a love for GOD 🙏🏽 In red… you are covered by the blood of Jesus! #Protection & #wellbeing. 🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️🙌🏽🙌🏽 I also love festive holidays like Christmas 🎄 and

Valentine’s Day!❤️ ✨😃✨✨

And also very dear to my heart… because It’s my official DELTA sorority colors! #DST 🔺🐘🔺

-Evette Dabney, Owner, CEO and Creative Director of sparkle-e.com



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