A close up look into the amazing FASHION WORLD 🌎 of CHER!!

There is a lot of LOVE ❤️ out there… for CHER!!! She was deeply touched… with thunderous applause…. and a standing ovation…( that lasted a really.long.TIME!!!) We’re talking about a legendary STAR!!! A true #DIVA  Like a fine wine….🍷 she JUST get’s BETTER with TIME!!!! Cher made a special appearance on THE TALK CBS… and the entire show…focused on her! The audience got a rare chance to get the latest on her #music career… & explore her ✨sensational✨world of FASHION….
This… is perhaps one of the most FAMOUS outfits worn to the ACADEMY AWARDS in HISTORY!!!

It was daring… unique and distinctly created… just for Cher! The extravagant costume holds special memories for Cher… and it is one of her FAVORITE!  From the moment she saw it… She says she felt it was just BEAUTIFUL!!! Obviously this BOB MACKIE original will forever hold… a special place in Cher’s heart! ❤️

Cher says Bob Mackie has always kept her EXCITED about fashion… because he was consistently making the *MOST BEAUTIFUL* DESIGNS.

Cher and Bob Mackie have worked together for about 50 years!!!  He’s created costumes for all of her concerts, TV shows… and some personal wardrobe items..

Cher recalled how one time… Mackie made some beaded socks for her… and she wore them while working on a project with MICHAEL JACKSON... She says he said “Oooh Cher… I love your socks!” <fast forward> just a “moonwalk away” the world will never forget the king of pop in white socks….with extra shiny rhinestones sewn on them…..and I guess you could say the rest is history!

After all these years… to finally have a chance to be in such an intimate setting with Cher was indeed a privilege! I really enjoyed listening to her stories… 

It sparked more memories of my own.  When I was younger… we used to put sweaters… or jackets around our heads… and imagine we had Cher’s long…silky black hair… We’d hold pretend microphones 🎤 in that distinct way she did… flip our “hair” and sing: 🎵🎶 “BABE! I got you Babe! I got YOU BABE!” 🎶

ALL of her shows on TV were GREAT!!! She always had the best guest stars… and musical acts…

✨The Best Fashions!

✨The FUNNIEST sketch comedy skits! 🤣😂😄

✨ She would look so FANTASTIC singing and dancing!

Years Later… groups of friends would sing Karaoke… or just sing out loud with her rich melodic voice on the 📻 radio: 🎵🎶 “Gyp-sies… 🎶 tramps and thieves!”🎶

Just getting a chance to “turn back time… and listen to Cher talk about key moments in her personal life.. music career… and get details about how special she felt… wearing all those elaborate couture designs Bob Mackie created for her…was really special for me! 

I’ve loved 😍extraordinary work by BOB MACKIE for years! 

Here’s another memory: During college… I couldn’t afford to get any extravagant Bob Mackie designer gowns… or shimmering… sparkling creations…like Cher and other stars wore…but I did manage to buy some of his perfume! Heyyyy!!!!! 🤗

I kept it on the dresser in my dorm room… and would spray some on for special occasions! 😊 

Girls would pop into my room when we were about to go out and party… and say : “Hey, Can I wear some of your Bob Mackie perfume tonight???” 😄  sure… #ThoseWereTheDays!

Oh YES! I’m **THAT GIRL** who truly LOVES ❤️FASHION!  I just couldn’t wait to watch CHER on her popular shows…back in the day!

 I looked forward to seeing her take it to the next level with her couture fashion…and her trend setting hair styles!!! Cher will forever be one of the most FAMOUS SHOW PERFORMERS…OF ALL TIME!!!

Speaking of shows… CHER is doing a residency in Las Vegas… and will be wearing MORE extraordinary costumes! More on that later…

✨The Best Fashions!
✨The FUNNIEST sketch comedy skits! 🤣😂😄

The ladies of The Talk on CBS look so #fabulous wearing costumes worn by Cher! Her most famous looks from over the years… (all designed by the GREAT Bob Mackie) were featured in a SPECIAL TRIBUTE SHOW in her HONOR!!!

Let me tell you…. #Cher looks SO GOOD!!!! and she is super #cool!!! 

Cher called Bob Mackie “a great architect of fashion design…”

She says he knows exactly how to construct things perfectly!
I can imagine… that’s especially important for Cher… when she has to do so many quick costume changes in her shows. 

Bob Mackie appeared with Cher on a segment of THE TALK on CBS… and shared how he met Cher… 

when Cher was coming to the Carol Burnett Show…Mackie thought she was going to be really big and tall..and was quite surprised when he saw her up close. “She was just a little thing..with a nice slender body…”

And Folks….once again–SHE is STILL GORGEOUS!!! 

Cher has had to deal with a lot of rumors during her lengthy career… but she says one of the worse ones… have been all these stories about her dying… 

Please believe… she’s still got pizazz! Spunk! and spirit! And she’s doing great!!!

Cher now has a residency in Las Vegas!!! Yay!!!!

Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Golden Globe Award-winning entertainer Cher is in an ALL NEW show… Classic Cher… at the Park Theater at Monte Carlo 

Upcoming show dates are set for

May 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 13, 17, 19 and 20. Additional dates will be announced….

Tickets range from $60 to $475…at parktheaterlv.com or ticketmaster.com.

Be sure to check out Cher’s first record…in over 11 years…

“Woman’s World”

Cher’s  CD is entitled “Closer to the truth” I GOT MINE!!!!

By the way…. Chers “NEW” Vegas show features 11 costume changes!!! 

Here are MORE of her most FAMOUS costumes… designed by Bob Mackie!!!

👆🏽Cher wore this costume just once… for a concert she did on 🎃 Halloween some years ago… Be-witching… isn’t it????

In addition to CHER… Fashion designer Bob Mackie has also dressed entertainment icons such as Joan Rivers, Cher, RuPaul, Barbara Eden, Bette Midler, Diana Ross, Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, Tina Turner, Carol Burnett and Mitzi Gaynor. He was the costume designer for Carol Burnett on The Carol Burnett Show!!! Yay!!! 🎉

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